Apnec APL5932A

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Ultra Low Dropout - 0.23V (Typical) at 3A Output Current

• Low ESR output Capasitor (Milti-layer Chip Capasitors (MLCC)) Applicable

• 0.8V Reference Voltage • High Output Accuracy - –1.5% Over Line, Load, and Temperature Range

• Fast Transient Response • Adjustable Output Voltage

• Power-On-Reset Monitoring on Both VCNTL and VIN Pins • Internal Soft-Start • Current-Limit and Short Current-Limit Protections

• Thermal Shutdown with Hysteresis

• Open-Drain VOUT Voltage Indicator (POK)

• Low Shutdown Quiescent Current (< 30mA )

• Built in Shutdown/Enable Control with floating high/ low Function

• Simple SOP-8P and TDFN3x3-10 Packages with Exposed Pad

• Lead Free and Green Devices Available (RoHS Compliant)

General Description:

The APL5932A/B/C/D is a 3A ultra low dropout linear regulator.  The IC needs two supply voltages, one is a control voltage (VCNTL) for the control circuitry, the other is a main supply Voltage(VIN) for power conversion, to reduce power dissipation and provide extremely low dropout voltage.

The APL5932A/B/C/D integrates many functions. A PowerOn-Reset (POR) circuit monitors both supply voltages on VCNTL and VIN pins to prevent erroneous operations. The functions of thermal shutdown and current-limit protect the device against thermal and current over-loads. A POK indicates that the output voltage status with a delay time set internally. It can control other converter for power sequence. APL5932A/B/C/D can be enabled by other power systems. Pulling and holding the EN voltage below 0.4V or ENB above 1.2V will shuts off the output. The APL5932A/B/C/D is available in a SOP-8P package which features small size as SOP-8 and an Exposed Pad to reduce the junction-to-case resistance to extend power range of applications.


• Motherboards VGA Cards

• Notebook PCs

• Add-in Cards